The Portfolio is a collection of Joshua's unique designs. 

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Butterfly Ring
Sterling silver Butterfly ring with top grade Damele abdomen.
Baby Cuff
Hand stamped sterling silver baby bracelet with Coral and Sleeping beauty turquoise.
OutWest Butterflies
Sterling silver Butterflies.
Still Waters Run Deep
Original OutWest sterling silver ring with Damele.
Damele Ring
Sterling silver ring with gem grade Damele and natural opals.
Soaring High
Sterling Silver Butterfly pendant with Turquoise Mountain turquoise.
Turquoise Mountain Ring
Sterling silver ring with Turquoise Mountain turquoise.
Grasshopper Pendant
Grasshopper turquoise set in sterling silver with 18k gold.
Blue Gem Ring
Natural gem grade Blue Gem turquoise, 18k gold and sterling silver.
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