Damele Ring
High grade Damele Set in 18K gold with a sterling silver shank.
Men's Damele Ring
Gem grade Damele, set in sterling silver with 18k gold accent. Size 10. available, Contact us to purchase.
Transitions Cuff
A very special cuff indeed! the shattered sterling silver representing a struggle in life, and 18k gold representing a smoother road ahead.
Sterling silver ingot with 18k gold drops and high grade Royston turquoise.
Into The Blue
Sterling silver ingot ring with Lander Blue turquoise and 18k gold.
Men's Damele Ring
Men's sterling silver ring with high grade Damele stone.
Longhorn Cuff
Custom Sterling silver Longhorn cuff with turquoise eyes and barbed wire.
The Daisy and Diamond Ring
Sterling silver ring with daisy and diamond shank and Redweb Kingman turquoise.
Prickly Pear Cuff
Sterling silver Prickly Pear Cuff with Sleeping Beauty turquoise and Spiny Oyster shell fruit. Available, $450. contact us for stone choice and size.
Vintage Concho Ring
Vintage sterling silver concho ring with Ithica Peak turquoise.
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