Triple Threat Ring
A custom sterling silver ring with Turquoise Mountain, 18k gold and a special diamond.
Pilot Mountain Pendant
Sterling silver pendant with Pilot Mountain turquoise and 18k gold.
Prickly Pear Set
Sterling silver Prickly Pear cuff and pendant with 18k gold and Royston turquoise.
Prickly Pear Earrings
Sterling silver Prickly Pear earrings with high grade Royston turquoise and 18k gold fruit.
Kid's Belt Buckle
Sterling silver kid's belt buckle with barbed wire and personalized with brand.
Hook' em! Longhorn Ring
Sterling silver ring with barbed wire and Longhorn with sleeping Beauty turquoise eyes.
Micro Buckle
Sterling silver micro belt buckle with high grade natural Smokey Bisbee and 18k gold.
Beyond the Fence Collection
handmade sterling silver barbed wire hoop earrings.
Prickly Pear Ring
Sterling silver Prickly Pear ring with 18k gold fruit.
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Vintage Concho Ring

Vintage sterling silver concho ring with Ithica Peak turquoise.