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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Artist Bio


Born and raised in New Mexico, Joshua is a 3rd generation craftsman. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, Joshua's silversmith designs are often rich in New Mexico’s Ranch and Western heritage. Attention to detail and unique elements are his cornerstones of individualism, creativity and respect for all our deep heritages. 


Quality comes from many hours searching for the very best American and high grade stones. Joshua's process, from start to finish, is one of extreme focus and passion. His 1500 square foot studio overlooks the Galisteo Basin and San Marcos Pueblo ruins. With the ability to work and raise a family from the homestead, he is able think with great inspiration and drive, to be true to his craft, and heart.

As a silversmith, Joshua is able to be bold, subtle and edgy . As an accomplished metalsmith, ranch hand, and family man, he is known to family and friends as always smiling, ready to offer a helping hand, and a unique point of view.

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